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Lexus Key Replacement

Have you ever lost the keys to your car? Damaged them? Getting a replacement key can be a huge ordeal, especially if you have a smart key fob or programmed transponder key. 


If you need a Lexus replacement keyR & T’s Lock and Key service in Auburn, AL, is the first place to contact. 


We are located in Auburn and provide services to Dadeville, Notasulga, Loachapoka, Tallassee, Valley, Lanett, Tuskegee, Montgomery, Pike Road, Union Springs, Fort Davis, Fort Mitchell, Alexander City, Phenix City, Salem, Opelika, and Beauregard with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable locksmithing options for you. 

Steering wheel of a Lexus vehicle
Person handing over a new set of Lexus keys

How to Get a Lexus Key Replacement

There are several ways to get a Lexus replacement key, whether you have misplaced your keys or damaged them. R&T's Lock & Key maintains a large inventory of Lexus smart key fobs and transponder keys. 


We can get you back in your vehicle and on the road with one call. Our team offers same-day appointments that work around your schedule and 24/7 locksmith services for emergency situations. Using our locksmith services will also provide a financial advantage versus a dealership's potential service cost. 


Another option is contacting a dealership and making an appointment. Be prepared to provide proof of vehicle ownership, including a driver’s license. 


If the key is in stock at the service department, you just need to wait for your appointment day and time. The dealership technicians program your vehicle's transponder or smart key fob. The cost of a replacement Lexus key may be a costlier option with the potential of waiting several days. 


Do I Need a Replacement Key?

Your Lexus key may also contain a battery, depending on the vehicle's year. Over time, these batteries need to be replaced. A low battery alert will sound in your vehicle's cabin as the battery life diminishes, indicating that a replacement battery is required. We can test your Lexus key to determine if the battery needs a replacement or if the key itself is malfunctioning. 


If you drive your vehicle daily, repeated use and possible exposure to rain, snow, and extreme temperatures could cause your key to malfunction. Dropping your keys in water, coffee, or other substances may also cause your key to operate sporadically. Damage to the internal circuitry of the key fob from exposure or temperature extremes will require the replacement of the device. 

Physical damage to the key due to being dropped or incurring other damage may also require a replacement.


Do Lexus Keys Have a Chip in Them?


Radio frequency identity (RFID) chips are incredibly small computer chips connected to tiny antennas. Lexus keys have an RFID key embedded in the fob.


A vehicle and paired RFID Smart key communicate when the key is within a certain range of the vehicle, usually four feet. With the push of a button, the key will unlock the driver's door and trunk, start the ignition, activate alarm systems, and even sound a loud emergency alert. 


Lexus keys have keyless entry Smart key fobs, like most cars currently sold in the United States. These keys are encoded with an RF signal to unlock or lock your vehicle, arm, or disarm the security system. Some will even start the engine remotely as long as the keyholder is close. 


Passive functions include unlocking the driver’s door when a specific section of the vehicle is touched or a foot is waved near the trunk. The passive function lets you engage the ignition without removing the key from your pocket or purse.


Lexus Key Re-Programming

A locksmith can program a replacement Lexus key provided they are trained to perform this task. Programs for smart keys and programmable key fobs are available to locksmiths, repair shops, and dealerships. It is essential that a consumer ask if the technician is familiar with your vehicle and Lexus replacement key. 


Be wary of secondary sources for Lexus replacement keys. While a less expensive option, these keys can be non-OEM aftermarket devices. There is the chance that the key cannot be programmed correctly or that you will need to obtain the services of a locksmith or dealership to program the key(s). 

R&T's Lock & Key employs technicians knowledgeable in programming the replacement key for your vehicle. Within a few minutes, we can have your key programmed to your vehicle, and you will be well on your way.


What if I Find My Keys After Getting a Replacement

It must be noted that if you lose your Master key, there is an option to reset your vehicle called “Immobilizer and Smart Key Reset.” This reset option allows new replacement keys to be registered to your vehicle. 


Once this reset option is exercised, all former keys are erased from the registry and can not be reused. If you find your keys, they will not work and should be disposed of properly. 


How Long Does it Take to Get a Replacement Key?


R&T's Lock & Key has an extensive selection of smart keys and transponder keys in our inventory. If we have the Lexus key replacement in stock, we can be at your location in a very short amount of time. 


On average, we can be at your onsite within one hour of receiving your telephone call. After confirming your identification, the ownership of the vehicle, and the VIN, the entire programming of the key takes approximately 15 minutes. 


If the Lexus replacement key is not a model we carry in our inventory, the key can be ordered overnight, and service can take place once the key arrives at our Auburn location.

Why Choose R&T's Lock & Key?

We have been in business for many years with extensive hours in classroom instruction and certification for our team of technicians. Combine those specialties with the hours of training in the field, and we can offer you top-notch service each and every time. 


Our locksmiths can replace and reprogram your lost or damaged smart keys in a very short amount of time. We also have 24/7 automotive services to assist you at any time of the day or night. 


We are only a phone call away if you have lost or damaged your keys and need a Lexus replacement key.

Front grille of a Lexus vehicle
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