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7 Easy Things to Try When Locked Out of Your House

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

No matter how careful you may be, there's always a possibility of getting locked out of the house. Whether you've lost your keys or the lock is malfunctioning, being locked out can be one of the must frustrating experiences.

While it's never fun to be in this situation, there are some things you can try to gain entry.

Here are a few ideas of things to try when you're locked out of your house:

1. Contact Someone With a Spare Key

The first step to take when locked out of your house is to check if there’s a spare key somewhere. Under the mat, in a flowerpot, or in a fake rock are all classic hiding spots for house keys. If you have roommates or family members with a spare who live close by, give them a call and ask if they’re able to come and let you into your place.

You can also call your landlord, if you're renting your home. They can definitely help you open the doors to your house. If you live in an apartment complex, the front office or security might have a spare key to your unit.

2. Find Other Unlocked Points of Entry

Another thing you can do is to check for any other unlocked points of entry. If you have a window that’s open or an unlocked door somewhere, try to make your way in through there.

Windows in the living room or bedrooms are usually your best bet, as most people tend not to lock them during the day. If all of your windows are locked, then you can check doors, such as the garage door or back door. Other possible points of entry include pet doors and doggy doors.

3. Look for Possible Tools

You can also improvise with a credit card or a bobby pin. Look for online tutorials if you haven't done this before. If you have a deadbolt, try to insert the card in the space between the door and the frame to push back the bolt. If that doesn't work, see if you can jiggle or remove the knob entirely. This is where a bobby pin comes in handy — try inserting it in the hole where the knob was.

Paper clips can also be makeshift locksmith tools. Try straightening out a paper clip and inserting it into the keyhole. This might work if the lock is simply jammed.

4. Remove the Door Knob

Try to remember if the deadbolt on your door isn't locked. This is because you may be able to enter your home by removing the door knob.

Go to your shed or garage if you can and get some tools like a screwdriver or a hammer. With these tools, you can try to remove the door knob from the inside by unscrewing it. This will obviously only work if your door knob is on the outside of your house.

You can also take a bobby pin or paper clip and insert it into a pin-sized hole below or on the side of the knob. This will help to push and turn the knob from the inside, allowing you to enter your home.

5. Turn to Your Neighbors for Help

If doing things yourself doesn't work, or you're just feeling really lost, your next step is to turn to your neighbors for help. They may have had experience with this situation before and can give you some good tips.

On the other hand, they can give you a warm place to stay while you wait for a locksmith or for a friend with a spare key to come help you out. At the very least, you'll be able to stay warm and dry while you're waiting.

6. Break Into Your Home

If you've exhausted all possible ways to enter your home and you still haven't gotten in successfully, then your last resort (before calling a locksmith) is to break into your home. This may sound like a crazy idea, but if you're desperate enough, it's worth a try.

There are a few ways you can go about breaking into your home. One way is to kick the door in. If you're strong enough, this could be a successful method. Keep in mind, though, that this will likely damage your door, so it's not the best option if you're looking to keep your home in good condition.

7. Call a Locksmith

Of course, it's always best to contact a professional locksmith. They have the necessary knowledge and tools to open all types of locks. Most locksmith companies are on-call 24 hours a day. A local locksmith may be able to reach you within an hour or two.

Here at R&T’s Lock and Key, we are available 24 hours for all residential and automotive locksmith services. If you’re based in Auburn, Alabama or the surrounding areas, then we have the tools and expertise to get you back into your home quickly and safely. We provide affordable locksmith services and we specialize in opening all types of locks.

Our team of technicians are available to provide you with locksmith services within just one hour of receiving your call, no matter the time. Call us today!


How do you get into your house if you lock yourself out?

You can contact someone with a spare key, like your family member, housemate, or landlord. You can also find other points of entry, such as windows and other doors in the home.

Try possible tools to tweak the door knob or remove it altogether. When all else fails, turn to your neighbors for help or call a locksmith.

How do you unlock a house door without a key?

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