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Chevy Key Replacement

If you want to avoid getting ripped off, don’t go to the dealership for a Chevy key replacement. 


Whether your Chevy is fresh off the showroom floor or has hundreds of thousands of miles on the odometer, R&T’s Lock and Key covers all your car key needs with a team of dedicated professionals. 


Our automotive locksmith services have kept up with the times, and we work with traditional ignition keys, and key fobs, smart keys, transponder keys, and keyless remotes. Whatever type of key you have, one call to us can get you back behind the wheel quickly.


At R&T’s Lock and Key, we provide cost-effective replacement and reprogramming of your car keys which means we can do it at a much more affordable price than your local dealership. Plus, we can typically get your replacement Chevy key in your hand in less than one day!

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What To Bring

In order to get a Chevy key replacement, you must provide the following items:

  • Your driver’s license or another government ID with a photo

  • A copy of the vehicle’s title or a valid insurance card

  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration

  • The license plate number of your vehicle. 

If you have your spare key, ensure it’s available at your time of service. Many new Chevy vehicles have a transponder chip in the key fob that pairs it with your specific vehicle. Sometimes your car may even have an extra transponder ‘blank’ straight from the factory.


It may help speed up the replacement process and save you some money, so if you have a spare key or a blank, make sure to let our team know and try to have it with you at the time of service. Once we understand your problem, we will explain our fee and dispatch a technician


We also take security very seriously, so please be ready to provide proof of ownership at the time of service. You’ll have to provide documentation of your identity when requesting a key fob replacement. Make sure to have as much paperwork as possible, like your driver’s license or another photo ID, your insurance information, your vehicle registration, and the vehicle’s title. 


It’s essential that we verify your ownership of the vehicle before we work on getting a replacement key. We want to help, but recordkeeping and security are essential for key replacement. 


Unlike other locksmiths, we respond promptly, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the exact fee for your job upfront. You can contact us for a free estimate or call us for a guaranteed emergency response. We are available 24/7.


Don’t wait, and don’t get ripped off by a local dealership that will probably hide behind supply chain issues while you need a new key. Our rates are much more affordable, and we don’t keep you waiting with excuses. 

Replacement Keys When You Do Not Have The Key

When you don’t have a spare key, things can be a little more complicated. Without a functional key to work from, our technician needs to perform a much more involved process. 


Thankfully, our rates are much more affordable than a dealership’s services, and our team of professionals can replace keys whether you have a working spare or not. 


Our technicians have the skills and expertise to service all Chevy vehicles, whether it’s an old-school twist key, a push-button ignition, or a car with a smart key system. Keep in mind that there are a lot of variables in key replacement. Some modern systems are very technical and require different skills than simply cutting a new key.


Rest assured that if you need a Chevy key replacement, we can handle the job and deliver results for less than a car dealership. 


We have smart keys in stock, and we can program an entirely new key for your vehicle quickly. Our keys are laser cut for precise fitment. Plus, with our 24/7 dispatching service, our technicians can arrive on-site in under an hour!


We also stock smart key fobs for other manufacturers, like Nissan, GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Land Rover, Jaguar, and others.

Chevy Key Replacement Process

The process for replacing a key can vary. There are many types of keys, but we can replace them all, and contacting us is all you have to do to get started.


1. Our team will need your identification, so we can also confirm your ownership of the vehicle. 


2. Once we confirm your ownership of the vehicle, we can replace your lost, damaged, or missing key. We stock the most advanced transponder chip keys for a wide variety of vehicles, including Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs. Plus, when you contact our team, we can have a technician on their way quickly.

3. We will either fix or replace your key fob.

4. Come pick up your new key from us and get back on the road!


We offer same-day key replacement when you call us at 334-655-1300. If you have any questions, please call us today so we can get you the help you need fast!

Time Required for a Chevy Key Replacement

The length and time necessary for a Chevy key replacement are determined by the state of your key and what has to be replaced or repaired. A key fob battery replacement, for example, will only take around 15 - 20 minutes, including the examination. However, if a replacement key is required, a 2 - 3 day delay can be expected. The remote and mechanical operation of the key must be tested after replacement. A Repair Order will outline the repair method; there may be an extra service cost connected with this operation. 


You can schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience for further information.

Chevy Key Replacement With R&T's

Whether your Chevrolet key is lost or damaged, it can be a major headache. Whether you can’t drive your vehicle due to a lost or damaged key or you just need a replacement key, R&T’s Lock and Key is ready to help. 

We have the skills and the tools needed to do the job, and we stock all the essential equipment and parts needed to service most vehicles on the same day. In addition to our vehicle services, we also provide a full range of residential locksmith services.

We also provide other services related to vehicle keys, including:


  • Parameter resets

  • Key duplicates for spare keys

  • Removing broken keys from door locks or the ignition

  • Emergency trunk access

  • Damaged key repairs

  • Ignition repairs


Our technicians also specialize in providing lockout services should you become locked out of your vehicle. We have the right tools and experience to get you back in your car without damaging your vehicle. 

Contact us now!

repair & replace ignitions

When required, we are qualified to fix and swap out particular Honda, GM, and Ford ignitions. To find out if we can service your specific automobile model, get in touch with us in advance.

smart key programming

When required, we are qualified to fix and swap out particular Honda, GM, and Ford ignitions. To find out if we can service your specific automobile model, get in touch with us in advance.

auto door unlocks

We are skilled in opening car doors without gapping them, which can lead to water leaks and wind noise when done with conventional reach tools.

transponder chip keys

For the vast majority of the modern cars on the road, we have a sizable stock of transponder keys and remotes. We could replace your key the same day you contact us, if possible.

repair & replace lost keys

The inconvenience of having your car keys broken or lost may prevent you from using it. We are professionals in replacing lost and damaged car keys.

emergency trunk opening

Some trunks in BMW, Mercedes, KIA, Hyundai, and Toyota may be extremely challenging to open. You can count on us to unlock your trunk.

key extraction

We can recover the damaged key fragment from the door or ignition if your car key breaks off, and we'll make you a new key straight immediately.

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