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Ford Key Replacement

What happens if you need a Ford key replacement? In most cases, you probably feel like you’re out of luck and stranded where you are because you don’t have a spare key. Or, you're preparing yourself to fork over a handful of money for a dealership to program a new key fob for you. 


Luckily, R&T’s Lock and Key has a better solution for you. We’ll come to you to replace your Ford key and we’ll do it for a fraction of the cost. Don’t waste your time and energy stressing about a Ford key fob replacement. Read on to learn how R&T can help.

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What To Do If You Lost Your Key

Replacing your lost key as soon as possible is vital to protect your vehicle. As you might imagine, a Ford Intelligence Access (IA) key is more expensive to replace than a standard key.


There are several ways you could replace your Ford key fob. Some options are more economical and convenient than others. First, check your insurance or roadside assistance coverage to see if they cover damaged or lost key fobs.


Visit a Dealership

One option is to visit your Ford dealership. That, however, is the most expensive way to get a Ford key replacement. You'll likely spend at least $50 to $400 for each replacement fob with a programmed transmitter. It depends on the brand and type of fob.


Dealerships charge for labor and parts. If you call your dealership, be sure to get a price that includes parts and labor.


Check Online


Vehicles ten years or older can sometimes use aftermarket replacement keys. Although this is not true for all brands.


The second problem with shopping online for a replacement presents itself. You still have to get the key programmed into your vehicle. A dealership won't warranty an aftermarket fob and still charge you for the labor if the replacement doesn't work.


You may want to get an aftermarket key and take it to your regular mechanic instead of the dealership. It's best to check with them first to assure they can handle the job. The equipment necessary to program key fobs varies from one shop to another. 


Using a locksmith service like R&T's is your best option for a great price and convenient service. We have the experience and equipment to handle several brands including Ford.  


Call a Locksmith Service


A better, less expensive option, is to contact a locksmith. The team here at R&T's can help you get a replacement Ford key and program the fob.


Replacing a Transmitter Key Fob

It is much more complicated and expensive to replace a lost car key than before. A quick trip to the hardware store to get a blank copied and cut isn't an option anymore. Here is a look into the process and how R&T makes it easier and less expensive for you. 


Types of Keys


  • Basic keys have a security chip to start the car. It locks and unlocks the doors through the key cylinder in the door. 

  • Ignition keys have a remote to unlock and lock the doors integrated into the key.

  • A transmitter fob is separate from the key for locking/unlocking the doors and sometimes push-button starting/remote starting. 

  • A keyless entry fob accompanies vehicles with a push-button start and keyless entry. The owner keeps the fob in their purse or pocket while operating the vehicle.



Once you have the correct hardware, it is time to program it into your vehicle. That can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes. Including key cutting and programming, you can expect the whole job to take about an hour. R&T’s covers a wide range of car key brands like Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and more. 


What To Bring

The technician can help you over the phone or when you visit one of three R&T's locations. You need to provide some information to get started. 


Give the technician your vehicle year, model, VIN, and a few personal details. They can program your new transmitter key for a fraction of the cost at the Ford dealership. 


We carry a wide selection of transponder keys and remotes including Ford and other brands.


We also carry and can program smart key fobs for Ford and other vehicle types


Get More Than One Replacement

Going through the hassle of getting your Ford key replacement is something you only want to do once, if ever. It's best to get two replacement fobs even if you are not planning to use the other regularly. The extra cost upfront will save you another headache later on. 


Why Choose R&T's?


Getting your Ford replacement key from a trusted locksmith service is the best way to get on the road again.



We will dispatch a technician to you as soon as possible after you call. Instead of calling a friend or rideshare service to get to the dealership, a locksmith can come to you. Ordering a key replacement online means waiting for your new key to arrive in the mail. We likely have what you need among our variety of replacement Ford keys. 



Our technicians have many years in the field and dozens of hours in the classroom each year to keep us sharp. We use the best locksmithing equipment and have most car brand keys in stock to help you as quickly as possible. 


We have 24/7 services for emergency auto lock-outs, transponder chip keys, and smart key replacements. 



Our locksmith service can beat the dealership cost for the key fob, key cutting, and programming. We'll get the whole job done at a fraction of the cost. 


Tips For Replacing Your Key Fob


  • Try to keep two key fobs at all times. You can program the third key on some models when you already have two.

  • Check your warranty, insurance, or auto club membership for help paying for a replacement Ford key. They may pay directly or allow you to submit a reimbursement form.

  • Dealerships typically charge a flat fee for fob programming when you purchase a new car. That is a good time to get extra fobs programmed at no additional cost.

  • Call your locksmith before going to your dealership for a replacement key, especially if your car is more than five years old. 


Final Thoughts

Losing an expensive electronic key fob can be a massive frustration. Take some of the cost and complication for a Ford key replacement out of the situation by contacting R&T's Lock and Key at 334-655-1300. We'll quickly dispatch one of our experienced, friendly technicians to get you on the road again quickly.

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